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church and sexuality

Understanding Church and Sexuality in our Generation

This book comes highly recommended by the merit of its cohesive and biblical exegesis expressed through four perspectives: historical, philosophical, psychological and biblical. The result is an in-depth understanding of sexuality in our generation and society, shedding light on God's original intentions.

    "This little book invokes some very relevant biblical insights on the subject, reflecting a well researched and in-depth developed paper. This is all the more valuable in view of the fact that some prominent ministers seem to have confused sound biblical exegesis with superficial interpretations of the Word of God adapted to present day culture rather than the God-ordained reverse. The book is quite academic and presents a convincing argument in which the authority of God’s Word is evident. The author brings a much needed cogent argument to the debate."

    Dr Stephen J Wood, Directeur, All Nations Bath International Ministry.

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