apokatalasso was founded by Erwin Samuel Henderson, who originally comes from Scotland. He has been serving God since 1993 and together with his wife Delyth, have been involved in much church planting, restoration and renewal.
Since 2010, God has expanded the apostolic focus of his service to France, England, North Africa, Benin, Malawi, South Africa, Serbia etc.

But his sphere of work remains in theological and biblical training in the context of biblical schools and training institutions, where his main focus remains the restoration of Being according to God.

He is nowadays a theological researcher, lecturer and author.


This sentence "God restoring all things to their original purpose in Christ" reflects a vision for the world, for the church and for all personal journeys.

Years of ministry spent in various churches and ministries as well as among leaders allowed Erwin to confront the reality of the human being and find answers in ontology, relationship and transformation in Jesus Christ.

Our authentic relational approach is an essential pillar of training, but fundamentally rooted in the apostolic network of the New Testament.


The vision for apokatalasso is to bring a renewed understanding of God to all: "God's Being, our Being in Him; and therefore all that we are, flows from God Himself".

The movement of "God restoring all things to their original intent in Christ" brings us back to the ontological, existential nature of the Christian and the Church. The intensification of the current movement of the Spirit extends to all nations. Erwin is partaking and accompanying this movement in an apostolic way.


apokatalasso is a work of faith, supported by individuals, friends, groups, and churches who are faithful to the ministry. This financial support is essential for this ministry to continue.
By supporting us financially, you are freeing us up where God is opening doors to further develop God's mandate. In this same spirit of faith, we continue to make teaching and training resources available through this website and other mediums.

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